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Dr Frank Ashall spent over four years (from 2012 to 2017) in Ethiopia as a professor, teaching medical and graduate students. He has a bachelor and doctorate degree from Oxford University, UK, a medical degree from the USA, and practiced as a doctor for over 11 years in the USA. He is also an author and campaigner for human rights, especially when related to public health and medicine. He is an advocate for tobacco control, particularly in Africa, and is Director of the international NGO, Africa Tobacco-Free Initiative.

During his four years in Ethiopia, Dr Ashall saw many aspects of this amazing country and its people. In another blog site (https://biochemistrydoctor.wordpress.com/) he writes about his experience generally, first as a volunteer, then as an expatriate professor.

This site is more about the political oppression, poverty and injustice that he encountered there, including ruling party control of politics, elections, businesses, universities, military, NGOs and just about everything else.

It is about his experience of corruption, oppression and control of citizen’s rights, the unethical legal system, and the poverty and hardships of millions of Ethiopian citizens.


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