Tobacco deals that will harm poor Ethiopians, deliberately ignored cholera epidemics, and other reasons why Dr Tedros Adhanhom should not be WHO Director General

In May, 2017, Ethiopia’s Dr Tedros Adhanom was elected WHO Director General, despite tens of thousands of even his fellow Ethiopians being opposed to him being elected. Thousands of Ethiopian diaspora protested outside embassies, protested outside WHO headquarters in Geneva, protested in the media; even a petition organized by Ethiopian diaspora to protest his candidacy raised more than 10,000 signatures. Yet the WHO delegates, particularly those from other African countries, chose to ignore Dr Tedros’s record of being a key politician in the oppressive Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the main political group that controls the Ethiopian government and has, for 26 years, committed appalling human rights atrocities against its civilians, silencing, harassing, beating, torturing, and killing those who oppose its Marxist-Leninist-inspired ideology.

That Dr Tedros was one of the key members of the politburo of the TPLF should be enough for any good and decent human being not to support Dr Tedros as head of the WHO. But there is far more than his sinister and dubious political record to the reasons why he should never, in a million years, have been chosen as candidate for WHO DG, let alone being elected its Director General.

In the post below I have described Dr Tedros’s complicity in horrific tobacco deals between the Ethiopian government and big tobacco companies- deals that promise to devastate public health in Ethiopia and perhaps even slow down tuberculosis control programmes. I also describe the published scientific investigations proving that Dr Tedros Adhanom deliberately and purposefully ignored cholera epidemics in his own country, Ethiopia, when he was Minister of Health there between 2005 and 2012.

Here is a the link to an extended article I have written about these issues, detailing  why Dr Tedros Adhanom was, I contend, an ethically inappropriate choice of WHO Director \General:



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